What is Pregnancy?

pregnancy is...

pregnancy is…

Pregnancy is perhaps the most crucial time in a woman’s life. With many discomforts, surely it is an incredible experience to carry a baby. As baby grows inside the belly, mother feels wistful and dreamy… filled with promises; and emotions become acute!

As the baby sees the day all wistfulness dissolves in a flurry of diaper changes; the daydreams evaporate as baby demands food and cuddles. In fact, sleeplessness can even deprive us of completing a single sensible thought! Love, caring, affection and lovely touch …she demands much to her partner in turn promising a wonderful baby.

Taking care of health is the most important thing in pregnancy days for a healthy baby. This time is very prone to the body disorders and illness. And if these things have not been prevented carefully it may reach physical and mental harm to the new born baby.

A woman is not complete until she bears a child and it is every woman’s dream to become a mother. A woman achieves a define fulfillment through the act of procreation.

Generally a woman’s mind is surrounded by fear and apprehension when her pregnancy gets confirmed. She has fears regarding whether she would be able to take the responsibility of the child or whether the child would be male or female or whether it would be a healthy child or not.

Pregnancy can be a great emotional experience for a woman and one cannot separate the physical and psychological aspect of pregnancy. If a woman does a proper preparation pregnancy could be easier and painless or absolutely painless for a woman and she could enjoy it and achieve a sense of fulfillment.

It can be a joyous time for a woman but this period can also be marked by a period of worry and uncertainty. One must keep self informed in order to ensure a healthy baby.

The symptoms of pregnancy vary from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy. One of the most significant sign of pregnancy is delayed menstrual cycle. In some cases woman experience pregnancy symptoms within the first week of conception whereas in some cases the symptoms might develop over a few weeks or no symptoms might be present.

During the period of pregnancy a woman should take care of her health as she might face complications during this crucial period.

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