Twin Pregnancy Development

expecting twins photo

expecting twins photo

Twin pregnancy could result from a fertilized egg that splits or from two separate eggs that split. The identical twins which are born could be of the same sex as they are having the same genes and non identical twins could be of the same sex or one of the each.

An ultrasound is required to be done in order to discover twins. Mentioned below are some of the symptoms of twin pregnancy:

Weight gain

There can be a weight gain of up to ten pounds in the first trimester which can result due to increased blood volume and uterine size.

Increased uterus size

The increase in the uterus size is a strong indicator of multiple pregnancies.

Severe morning sickness

As compared to singleton pregnancies, woman with twin pregnancies experience increased symptoms of morning sickness which includes vomiting and nausea.

Twin pregnancy is associated with higher risk and there are chances of developing complications. Majority of these pregnancies results in twin pregnancies.

The first signs of twin pregnancies are severe sickness and increased abdomen size. The discomforts associated with pregnancy would be greater because of the needs of two babies.

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