Stomach pain during pregnancy

abdominal stomach pain during pregnancy

abdominal stomach pain during pregnancy

Well, getting pregnant and conceiving a life inside your belly is a heavenly feeling, but then the woman bearing the child in the womb also faces some of the terrible experiences. Stomach pain is the most common problem while a woman is pregnant and this is something that you shouldn’t be worried about and on the contrary this hints to your healthy pregnancy.

Of course, bearing a baby in the womb puts a lot of pressure on the joints, muscles, and veins and this makes the woman feels uncomfortable mainly at stomach area. There can be several reasons and common causes for the regular stomach pain during the pregnancy.

Some of them are:


One reason that can cause the stomach pain is due to the cramping that is caused because of the expanding of the uterus.

Gas and Bloating

Gas and bloating often occur when a woman is pregnant and this can further result to the stomach pain.

Ligament pain

Often pregnant women face severe pain in the abdomen on both or one side. It happens because the ligament supporting the uterus gets expanded from the regular size as the size of the uterus carrying the baby grows.

Though all these mentioned reasons are a part of the normal pregnancy and there is not much to worry about, the moment the stomach pain is getting sharp or severe, then you should make yourself aware of the severe causes that can cause the sharp pain in the stomach and instantly needs the medical attention.

Ectopic Pregnancy

If you are constantly suffering from the sharp stomach pain during your pregnancy, then there are chances that this has caused due to the ectopic pregnancy. This is the serious condition and you should seek the medical attention urgently.

Pending Miscarriage

Pending miscarriage can be another reason that can cause the sharp pain in the stomach. This is an area of concern and one facing it should seek the medical attention at the first place.

To know more and clear the clouds surrounding you regarding your pregnancy, a regular check-up with your health counselor is what you should do.

Warning sign of the sharp stomach pain related to complication

If you are not just feeling a severe pain but also getting vomiting, chills, fever, change in the vaginal discharge, heavy bleeding, then you should check-in to the doctor urgently.

If the pain doesn’t get relieved even after resting or adjusting the belly, it is definitely not a good sign for your pregnancy.

If the pain is exceeding more than a few minutes, it is again not a good sign for you and your baby in the womb.

If the pain is causing you difficulty in breathing, speaking, and walking, then you must see your doctor right away.

With all these warning signs in your pregnancy days, waiting for the day to get ease of the pain is not a good option, and you should see the doctor at the very first place. Uncomforting and uneasiness obviously are the signs that hint for the healthy pregnancy, but not all of them serve the same purpose.

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