Stages Of Pregnancy



Pregnancy can be divided into much time of periods. By which you can know all the development of your forthcoming baby, and can feel all baby’s development. Here we are giving the stages of pregnancy.

Fetal – Development Fetal Organs

First Month (Embryo) – Forming of the brain and vital organs are forming

Fifth Week – Blood circulation and heart beats start; brain, spinal cord and nervous system are established.

Sixth Week – arms and legs begin to grow and digestive system is forming

Seventh Week – Internal organs are developing and embryo joint with the placenta.

Second Month (Fetus) – Human arms, face, legs, toes, fingers, elbows, eyelids knees, are seems.

Twelfth Week – Now gender is recognizable hands are moving. Baby is ½ pound approx and 2-4″ long

Sixteenth Week – Baby’s digestive system becomes active, now baby can wake or sleep, can kick or move. Baby has covered with soft hair.

20 Weeks – Eyebrows and eyelashes are occurred and internal organs are developed. Now Baby is 8-12″.

24 Weeks – Now you can feel the heartbeat of baby, baby’s skin is wrinkled.

32 Weeks – Baby gain more weight and develop rapidly, he has settled in the lower abdomen of his mum.

36 Weeks – Baby weighs 1/2 pound per week; head bones are soft and flexible because baby can discharge fro mother’s vagina. Baby is 18″ long and weighs 1 or 2 kg.

Birth 38-42 Weeks – All organs are developed and ready to take breathe in the free atmosphere.

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