Changes that may happen to skin during pregnancy

skin changes during pregnancy

skin changes during pregnancy

Women are known to take good care of their skin. Of course, some men do that too. However, man’s skin can seldom match their female counterpart in terms of softness and texture. Thanks to the hormones governing the female system, they are blessed with a skin to love. However, this changes once a woman is pregnant. Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes both internally and externally to a woman’s body. Let us take a look at the most notable change, something that they would be quite conscious about – changes in the skin during pregnancy. Changes in the hormone levels, as well as the circulatory and immune system can have their impact on the skin of the pregnant woman. While fish oil containing omega-3 fatty acids has its impact, let us look at what the skin goes through.

The skin is the biggest organ in the human body, and it is only fair that it also has a share in the changes that happen. In fact, some area of the skin becoming darker is an indication that the woman is pregnant. Pigmented areas of the skin such as moles and other parts of similar color may get much darker. A pregnant woman would find a sudden glow on her face and it would be worth admiring the change. This is due to the skin retaining more moisture ironing out any signs of wrinkles and giving out a magic glow. With the abdomen bearing the biggest brunt during pregnancy, the skin around the area is bound to undergo changes – the most noticeable among them being the stretch marks. Some pregnant women may see a pinkish or reddish streak on their belly. They can also be found running down the chest region. Stretch marks cannot be avoided as the skin does stretch as the belly size increases. But you can reduce it to some extent by avoiding sudden weight gain. After pregnancy, the stretch marks would gradually go off, so there is nothing to worry about.

Some changes you may not like

Now let us take a look at some of the most undesirable changes that can happen to a pregnant women’s skin. Some pregnant women tend to develop acne. This is something they dreaded right from their teenage. The excess hormone can cause the pores on the skin to secrete excess sebum and make them susceptible to spots and greasy look. Some pregnant women may also experience persistent redness of the skin on their cheeks, chin, and nose. Unfortunately, there is nothing much that can be done to counter this apart from using a mild cleanser. Clean your face just twice a day with a gentle soap. Avoid using over the counter acne creams. It is better to get a medical opinion of a GP if you are too worried about the situation.

The good thing about the changes in the skin during pregnancy is that they are reversible

After a few months since the child birth, the body starts its process of reaching the regular state and hence the gradual reversal is initiated. As a result, all the undesirable (and desirable) changes are undone, leaving you to become your usual self.

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