Different ways to reduce heartburn during your pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most precious period in every woman’s life because nothing comes to be happy like giving birth to the child. Everyone gets a life changing experience when you are pregnant. Although it is the happiest moment of the woman’s life, many of them are also experiencing several inconveniences sometimes. Heartburn is the most common problem faced by several pregnant ladies. If you have this issue, you must have to know what are all the reasons for heartburn during pregnancy and the related remedies.

Reasons for the heartburn

heartburn during pregnancy

heartburn during pregnancy

During the pregnancy time, many ladies get a heartburn and it is totally inconvenient to them. Heartburn will actually impact more new moms. The main reason for this is the progesterone hormone. This particular hormone relaxes so many muscles like the stomach while you are pregnant. It is highly necessary to keep the stomach acid from entering into the esophagus of the moms. This hormone is also very helpful to start the uterus growth to multitude the stomach.

At the same time, it is useful to force the stomach acid into the esophagus area. These physical and hormonal changes in your body will give you a burning sensation from the bottom of the breastbones to the lower throat. Because of these processes in your body during the pregnancy time, you will experience the heart burn. In order to avoid the problems related to the heart burn, it is better drinking and eating in the sensible approach until your child birth.

5 ways to reduce the effects of heartburn

In order to reduce the heartburn during pregnancy, all pregnant ladies are recommended to follow these simple steps.
Drink liquids throughout a day – The pregnant women should need to try consuming more amounts of liquids like water and fresh juices throughout the day. While eating meals and even normal times, you should need to sip liquids to reduce the effects of heart burn.

Eat small meals – When the pregnant ladies have morning sickness or heartburn after you wake up, you have to eat only small meals for several times. Instead of taking 3 large meals, taking small meals for 4 to 5 times is a preferred option to reduce the heartburn.

Stay elevated at the night time – Most of the people are using the pillows to sleep in the position of raised chest and head than entire body. It is a perfect position for the pregnant ladies to keep the stomach acids where it belongs and give you gentle slope for reducing the heart burn.

Sit or stand after eating – Once you take meals, it is better standing or sitting and don’t do any work for the short period. It is better for keeping the stomach acid calm to avoid heartburn.
Avoid eating just before the bed – Eating dinner just before the bed is not much healthier to the humans especially pregnant ladies. It is better eating at least one hour before the bed to reduce heartburn.

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