Pregnancy Yoga Poses

The pregnancy is a sensitive time period in a woman’s life. Yoga works great for pregnancy. When it is followed, it works wonders on your health and your capability to have a smooth pregnancy.
Smooth pregnancy and a natural childbirth are just some of the benefits of yoga. But more importantly, yoga does wonders on the physical and mental development of the foetus. Ensuring a healthy baby is every woman’s dream and yoga helps you do just that.

Pregnancy problem

Women face many problems in the pregnancy period as it is the most sensitive time period of their life. The first problem is the enlarged belly. It is difficult to move around with an enlarged belly. Except the enlarged belly, there is many other sicknesses woman face during the pregnancy days. Morning sickness is a major problem in pregnancy days.

Fit pregnancy

Pregnancy is prone to many sicknesses if proper care has not been taken. One should keep both her body and mind fit for a good pregnancy result. Yoga is considered to be one of the best ways to keep the body fit.

  • Pregnancy massage
  • Emotional support and nurturing touch
  • Relaxation and decreased insomnia
  • Stress relief on weight-bearing joints, such as ankles, lowers back and pelvis
  • Neck and back pain relief caused by muscle imbalance and weakness
  • Assistance in maintaining proper posture preparing the muscles used during childbirth
  • reduced swelling in hands and feet lessened sciatic pain
  • Fewer calf cramps
  • Headache and sinus congestion relief

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