Pregnancy Test

pregnancy test

pregnancy test

Some women wait for their pregnancy ardently. Today women are so active and they know they can protect themselves by unwanted pregnancy. But accidents even occur. A woman always wants to know about her pregnancy whether she has conceived or not. It is almost blatant. A pregnancy test is used to answer about the confirmation of pregnancy.

In pregnancy a hormone develop produce in her body called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which can be discovered in urine. In fact it is pregnancy hormone. Pregnancy can be detected only by the two ways those are urine test and blood test and the detection only happened by HCG. Blood test can be used after the ovulation as a pregnancy test and also more sensitive then urine test. Beta HCG blood or quantitative blood test measures the exact amount of HCG in the blood. In this test by picking a little amount of HCG gives a very accurate test. It is elementary test for detection the pregnancy. Presence of HCG in the urine has the meaning that woman is pregnant and if it is not found that indicates woman is not pregnant.

Women can also detect their pregnancy by home pregnancy test. It can be done by testing urine after conception of 15 days. Home pregnancy tests have more successful for a long time ago. This test is approximately 98 to 99% accurate but you should get the confirmation by repeating this test either result may be negative or positive. If you found negative result and you are feeling like a pregnant woman then consult your doctor and give a physical test.

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