Planning Pregnancy



If you are thinking about to be mother and ready for conceive then a question arises that your body is ready for conceive or not while you may be sentimentally committed to parenthood. For achieving a healthy pregnancy you must discuss a doctor. If you are taking birth control pills then you have to break it for conceiving. Actually you can use condoms of contraception during the pill free break.

When you observe that you are pregnant or you can conceive, it is good news. And taking care of you, should be first thing. By this way you’ll find a healthier child.

You should follow things:

You must take folic acid, it helps to check serious birth defects of the brain and spine but it can not be taken through food so some women take a supplement of this vitamin.

You should avoid tobacco and alcohol because by this you can found some lifelong disabilities or defects in your child after birth.

You should ask to your doctor about that medicine like aspirin, herbal products or dietary supplements which you take before expecting because some medicine may pose risk. Consequently, don’t presume any drug is safe before suggesting with your doctor.

Your unborn baby takes everything which you eat; it takes all nutrition from your body so you must eat only nutritious foods. It is essential during pregnancy.

You should be Stay active by mentally and physically, and you can do it by some suggested exercises, like walking. If you are fit then you can prepare your body for labor, delivery and also recovery. Ask your doctor about what’s out of harm’s way.

By these ways you can help your baby descend to a healthy start. And for more things you should consult your doctor.

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