Partial Molar Pregnancy

When some abnormalities occur in the fertilized egg at conception then it is called molar pregnancy. In this condition fertilized egg does not develop completely, means it can’t convert into an embryo then it is known as a complete mole.

Actually in molar pregnancy fertilized eggs develop abnormally and can not survive then it is called a partial mole. In the United State one pregnancy out of 1000 is a molar pregnancy. If you have experienced molar pregnancy one or two times then further your chances are positive for molar pregnancy. Hydatidiform mole is another name for molar pregnancy.

Actually when fertilized eggs are reached in the uterus instead of the fetus, then a hydatidiform mole formed. It occurs in the age of after 40 mostly. One question comes in mind that how do you know that you are the sufferer from it. Very simple answers if you have some signs like severe nausea, vomiting and vaginal bleeding then consults to your doctor and takes suggestion. I know you are thinking that much people have these symptoms but they do not have Of course a molar pregnancy then I’ll again repeat that it occur only 1 in 1000, so you have to need of check up.

Sometimes when you percept that you are pregnant and go for the testing through HCG and found positive result but there is no baby at all but the placenta develops which forms HCG in your body, and it is A complete mole. When 2 sperm fertilize an egg then sometime there are not formed twins but a partial mole, here one embryo has too several chromosomes and is incapable to stay alive.

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