Medication and Pregnancy

drugs during pregnancy

drugs during pregnancy

Till now it has not been proved whether taking medicines during pregnancy can have a negative affect on the health of the baby.

Most of the drugs that are purchased over the counter in drug stores are considered to be safe and many of these drugs have an indication over them which state that these medicines are safe during pregnancy.

There are some drugs which are not safe and they should not be taken during pregnancy. The drugs which might be prescribed before a woman becomes pregnant could be harmful to both the expecting mother and the growing fetus during pregnancy.

One must also keep in mind that things like vitamins, caffeine and herbal teas affect the growth of fetus. One must have a proper talk with a health provider before cutting down on caffeine and the kind of vitamins that one would be required to have.

One should not use any herbal product without having a talk with the doctor. FDA uses a system for rating drugs in terms of their safety during pregnancy. It rates both OTC drugs one buys through drug stores and the drugs which are prescribed by a doctor.

Since everything that a pregnant woman has passes from her blood to the baby’s body therefore one must avoid all OTC drugs in the first eight weeks of pregnancy as during this period baby’s lung, brain and heart develop.

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