How To Improve Low Level Of Folic Acid?

folic acid

folic acid

Low level of folic acid is not good for our health. We must understand, folate is highly valuable for our health and we need to make every possible effort in order to attain right level of the folic acid in our body. Maintaining health in top-notch condition is not an easy task as it seems to be. We must make some efforts and try to bring some positive changes in your lifestyle. Similarly, if our body is suffering from levels of folic acids we should start eating certain food items which are rich in folic acid. Folic acid is basically a B complex water soluble vitamin which is naturally available from different external sources like leafy vegetables and fruits. When our body synthesizes this folate, we do get folic acid in the result.

This particular vitamin is extremely vital for cell formation and development. For a pregnant woman, the deficiency of folic acid will result in brain and spinal cord issues in the baby. According to experts, a childbearing woman should have sufficient amount of folic acid. During the first 28 days of pregnancy the brain and the spine are formed for the fetus and folate deficiency will affect the brain and spine. Also 3 months after pregnancy this nutrition is essential for a healthy baby born without any neural defects.

Another important symptom of folic acid deficiency is Anemia. People dealing with folate deficiency have also been reported with digestion issues like diarrhea, loss of appetite and loss of weight. When you make efforts and introduce folic acid rich food in your daily diet, it will allow you to develop red blood cells in the right manner. The low folic acid level is simply not acceptable in our body so we need to get in touch with the physician and get our folic acid level tested at regular intervals. The physician will also guide you out with foods and supplements offering this nutrition. Just apart from the citrus fruits like oranges, pineapple, and strawberry, one can also consume pig liver to cure folate deficiency.

The perfect dosage level for an adult is 400mcg every day and the pregnant lady can take up to 600 mcg every day. For an infant and child, the dosage level of folic acid will range between 15 to 40 mcg every day. In order to address the low folic acid levels, it would be ideal to follow the right combination of natural fruits and supplements.

On many occasions, it becomes a bit hard to judge the right level of folic acid and excess consumption could lead to mild and severe health problems. Well, the terrible situation could easily be avoided if you follow the instructions of the doctor and continue to monitor the folic acid dose level. Surely, there is all to gain and nothing to lose with the adequate consumption of folic acid so doesn’t lack behind and start making continuous efforts to treat low levels of folic acid.

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