Enrich Your Knowledge about Folic Acids Side Effects

folic acid and pregnancy

folic acid and pregnancy

Generally, we talk about the application or advantages associated with folic acids but we need to pay equal attention to side effects in order to ensure their adequate usage. Here it becomes critical to mention, these side effects rarely occur so you need to find them out and convey them to your doctor or health expert in order to reduce the amount or stop taking it all together.

Folic acids side effects will vary from person to person and they can be mild or severe. Folic acid as we all know is best suited for improving pregnancy chances but on many occasions, it becomes hard to consume high dosage due to these mild and severe side effects. Mild side effects are mostly loss of appetite, bitter taste, less concentration, and nausea. If you are dealing with these mild side effects, it is better to get in touch with a doctor who will reduce the intake of Folic acid and closely monitor the results.

On the other hand, women who are dealing with severe side effects of folic acids like breathing issue, the closing of the throat, swelling of the tongue, face or lips, and hives, do need immediate medical attention and need to stop using folic acid. Some of the other severe folic acid side effects reported till date is fever, weakness, skin rashes, itching, and discomfort.

Consumption of folic acid is crucial for girls who are dealing with pregnancy issues and not able to conceive. Without any doubt, folic acids have a lot to offer in terms of improving pregnancy chances but still you must take care of side-effects and follow doctor advice carefully. Even recent studies have provided, the instances of facing any side effect from the consumption of folic acid are rare but if you consume an excess of 15,000 mcg, there is every possibility of facing stomach pain, abnormal sleep pattern and skin reactions. In order to start with most of the doctors will recommend to consume dosage of 5,000 mcg which nearly safe or might result in minor health issues like gas, insomnia, decreased appetite and lack of concentration.

For girls, who want to improve their pregnancy chances with the consumption of folic acid must also add supplements of B vitamins. Folic acid has a tendency to reduce Vitamin B so the consumption of additional supplements will keep your body in good condition. While the side effects from Folic Acid rarely occur, the risk is higher if you have a Vitamin B deficiency. If you experience any of above-mentioned side effects while taking Folic Acid, make sure you talk to your doctor so action can be taken.

Definitely, folic acid has countless benefits but few side effects which demand proper attention. The consumption of folic acid is good for girls struggling with pregnancy but it is very much possible to avoid mild and severe side effects. If you still have certain doubts regarding limitations of using folic acid, better is to follow many more quality online sources and gain valuable information.

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