True Benefits Associated With Folic Acids

medical benefits of folic acids

medical benefits of folic acids

Have you been searching for true benefits associated with folic acids? Folic acid is the helping supplement for the girls who want to become pregnant. When you think of pregnancy or planning to conceive, you need to be pretty serious about consuming folic acid. The supplement is extremely vital for the mental growth of your baby and its deficiency can easily lead to health condition known as NTD which is abbreviated for neural tube defects. Basically, there are following two types of NTD’s:

Anencephaly – This particular disorder of brain comes about a 23rd week of pregnancy. In this defect, a major part of the brain is unable to close which will result in the loss of the majority of the brain. A baby who is suffering from this disease will have the frontal section, however, the remaining part of the brain is exposed and generally the survival rate is close to nil. But when you get the right dose of folic acid, you can easily avoid this terrible situation of anencephaly.

Spina bifida – This particular disorder has the relation with an embryonic neural tube which is placed very close to the spinal cord. With this disease, a major part of the spinal membrane will not be able to close and gets usually exposed. Though you can easily improve the situation by consuming an adequate amount of folic acid or through surgery but still most of the children suffering from Spina Bifida are unable to survive.

Women who are planning to conceive need to pay special attention to food items which contain the folic acids in order to eradicate any possible chance of facing above mentioned two disorders in their child. Generally, pregnant women are advised to consume food with a high quantity of folic acids at least 4 times in a week during their pregnancy time. The prime reason behind the consumption of folic acid is to result in proper fetus development which will further lead to the development of the neural bones. The deficiency of folic acid is simply not acceptable as it will create huge problems in the brain and spinal cord area.

Its benefits are uncountable when talking about catering to the different defects that can be present in your child. A few of the benefits of the folic acids include a reduction in chances of cleft lip and palate, chances of miscarriage are reduced significantly, high blood pressure during pregnancy is prevented, the mother is able to recover after giving birth in quick time and the probability of facing cancer and heart-related issues is reduced.

If you are still not sure about the actual benefits of folic acids or not able to consume them due to one reason or another, you need to get in touch with the doctor and get the issue resolved as soon as possible. It is must know all about folic acids for a girl who want to conceive or pregnant. Yes, there are minor side effects of consuming folic acids but still, you should consume it in the right amount to avoid any complications during pregnancy.

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