Folic Acid – Blessing In Disguise For Pregnant Ladies

folic acid and pregnancy

folic acid and pregnancy

Folic acid is one supplement which should be included in the diet of the expectant mother. It will definitely act as the best medicine to achieve perfect pre-pregnancy care. With the consumption of folic acid in the right amount, pregnant women are definitely improving the chances of preventing brain and spine problems in the newborn babies. Basically, folic acid is also known as folate and will assist in the development of spine and skull of the fetus. It would be a huge mistake if the pregnant women don’t pay proper attention to the folic acid supplement or neglect its consumption.

With folic acid, it becomes possible to achieve adequate production of blood and protein in the baby as the major enzyme functioning is mostly dependent on folic acid. If you really want to ensure healthy blood cells in the baby you need to ensure a dose of 400mg of folic acid in your pre-pregnancy days. If possible try to follow the recommendation of your doctor and start taking folic acids before pregnancy and continue until the end.


Most of the women are fully aware of the actual benefits of taking folic acid but they are not aware of the food items which are rich in this particular vitamin. Ideally, food like bread, French beans, cereals and green leafy vegetables act as good sources of folic acid. Even citrus fruits, fruit juices, grapefruit, and banana are rich in folic acid. Just apart from the resources, a pregnant lady needs to pay attention to adequate dosage level. On many occasions it has been observed, high dosage of folic acid might cause some mild or severe health problems. It is important to avoid these mild and severe issues and try to control dose level as per the guidance of the doctor.


Consumption of folic acid is extremely crucial for the pregnant ladies if they are suffering from neural tube effect, epilepsy or those with diabetes. These health issues will raise the risk of having NTD babies. Ideal precaution methods need to be taken in preconception stage and the proper dose of folic acid should be consumed during pregnancy. Folic acid will help in the complete development of baby’s brain and there will be no fear of Spina bifida. It is important to understand the fear of loss of control in the lower part of the baby’s body only exists in first 30 days. On the other hand, the execution of proper conception planning will allow you to get rid of all such negative cases and the chances of NTD will reduce extensively.

Folic acid is surely blessing in disguise for the pregnant women or the ones which are finding it hard to conceive. The only aspect of concern is the dosage level and the issue could be easily resolved with proper guidance of the doctor. Still, if you have some concerns regarding folic acid better to unearth all possible details as soon as possible.

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