Top 10 signs of pregnancy (Early Pregnancy Symptoms)

early pregnancy symptoms

early pregnancy symptoms

So, something in your body just doesn’t seem the right and you have been observing a sudden, of course, the not so pleasing changes from past a few days, and then the thought of that night dawned at you. All these factors all together have made you discover the early pregnancy symptoms, so, here we are sharing a list of top 10 signs of pregnancy.

Feeling Dizzy and Sick

If you are facing morning sickness more often, then somewhere it is a sign of early pregnancy. It began when the pregnancy is six weeks old and many times, the symptoms can start even in the fourth week of pregnancy.

Sore Breasts

Sore breasts are the most common symptom of the early pregnancy and this can be caused due to the high level of hormones. The soreness, initially, may seem like the sign of getting your periods, but its exaggeration from the regular periods may make you get cautious of the situation. Soon, your body will start adjusting yourself to this change.

Frequent Urination

If you all the time feel like using the washroom to urinate even when you had a trip to loo just a few moments ago. Then this might be a sign of the early pregnancy. This frequent urge of urination causes because the body produces extra liquid and to free your body from that extra liquid, you obviously will have to use the loo.


Another early pregnancy sign is facing severe headaches at times and this is the result of the hormonal changes in the body.


If you never felt a backache that often than you do nowadays, then this can be the sign of the early pregnancy. And if the pregnancy results come in positive, then there are chances that you will face this backache throughout the pregnancy as your body faces sudden weight changes in the body.

Food Aversions

All of sudden and you don’t know how, you are getting hungrier than ever and your stomach never seems to get full, then this is the most common sign of the early pregnancy.

Mood Swings

And you are getting angry over things for no reasons and the irritation level is always high, then this mood swing can be the sign of the early pregnancy.

Strong smell power

The garbage these days smells more strongly and you feel like you will get all out from your stomach, then again this can be a sign of the early pregnancy.

Light Bleeding

In case, if you are aware that you pregnant and then one day, you a spot of blood right there you get your periods at, then you may get scared, then this is known as the implantation bleeding. The exact reason is still unknown, but before you start panicking in the situation, you should see your doctor.

High basal body temperature

If constantly you are recording your basal body temperature, then this again hints that you might be pregnant.

With these 10 early pregnancy signs, you obviously can get aware if you are expecting a baby or not. However, to get accurate, visiting the doctor is highly recommended.

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