Breast and nipple changes during pregnancy



Pregnancy is the time period in which the human body undergoes many remarkable changes includes weight gain, changes in the breast and the growth of uterus ten times than its normal size. Among all these changes, women are often wondered by the changes that occur in their breast during pregnancy that brings pleasant feel to them. The breast changes are also one of the earliest signs experienced in early pregnancy.

Due to its growth, the dark areas of the skin that surround nipples named as areola starts to swell followed by the breast itself. At that time, women feel the pain, swelling and soreness of both nipples and the breast due to the formation of more lobules and the growth of the milk duct. During pregnancy, putting on a supportive bra can greatly helps the woman to gain much comfort. Most especially the bra without wire can give support them remain comfortable even at night.

The hormonal changes are one of the major reasons for breast changes during pregnancy that cause raise the blood flow as well as make some changes in the breast tissue. This makes women feel sore, swollen and also sensitive to touch. This unusual change begins to occur around 4 to 6 weeks and it lasts through the initial trimester. During 6 to 8 weeks, the women will experience their breasts getting very bigger than usual. These changes may continue to grow throughout the pregnancy and they may feel stretches on skin and itchy too.

Ideal tips on pregnancy breast care

Pregnancy is one of the wonderful experiences for a woman. They bring the feeling of completeness and satisfaction to the woman. During the pregnancy period, the breast care is more important that needs to keep it very healthy. The physical breast care is very essential, so the women need to participate in the regular sport activity that helps them to maintain a distinctive and smart look. However, the youthful breasts not only add the beauty of the woman, but also enrich her sex life as well.
In order to breastfeed the baby successfully, the pregnant women should be prepared for it both physically and mentally. It is also very useful to seek help from the guidance of a person who has successfully breastfed her baby. Even such person can give good practical advice. Si, it is much important to continue the self-breast exams during pregnancy every 4 to 5 weeks.

Changes occur on breast during pregnancy

Once you get pregnant, your breasts start changing and evolving to prepare for the birth of your baby from the beginning. This breast during pregnancy can go through a number of changes that usually occurs due to hormone changes. Some of the most common breast changes during pregnancy are given below:

  • Growth and enlargement
  • Nipples and areolas darken
  • Hypersensitive and tender
  • Areolas and nipples grow larger
  • Veins along the breasts darken due to increase blood flow
  • Small glands on the surface of the areolas become raised bumps
  • Breasts start leaking a yellowish thick substance known as colostrum

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