Anxiety Medication And Pregnancy

pregnancy and drugs

pregnancy and drugs

Unless doctor prescribes, drugs should be avoided in the pregnancy time. If you buy any medicines over the counter, you must tell the pharmacist that you are pregnant. Doctors are cautious about prescribing drugs in pregnancy, particularly in the first trimester.

Some drugs must be avoided altogether. Others are considered safe; these include the recommended dosage of paracetamol, and some antibiotics, such as amoxycillin and erythromycin, which may be prescribed for throat and urinary infections.

It is clear to all that whatever one takes in pregnancy days that directly go to baby’s blood. So, it is better not to use drugs and medicines during these days-basically in first eight weeks of pregnancy. This is because in this days child’s important organs like lung, heart and brain are developed. Thought in these days mother suffers from many body disorders but for solving these one should not medicated her body. The medicines should be avoided as far as possible.

It is better to consult own doctor whether it is safe to continue medicines after conception if she is taking medicines regularly. Your health care provider will weigh the benefit to you and the risk to your baby when making his or her recommendation about a particular medication. With some medications, the risk of not taking them may be more serious than the potential risk associated with taking them.

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